Friday, July 1, 2016

Gaming pre-op news!

Witch Hunters. The men who have the task of tracking down those deemed too evil and unworthy of their magical talents.  When a wielder of magic turns to harming the innocent, nature or the civilized world the Witch Hunters arrive to rectify the situation.

Many are valiant warriors looking to keep the forces of dark magic at bay. Others are ex-military looking for work after being released from duty. Some are the ultra-pious hoping to cleanse the world of darkness. Then there are the thugs that are looking for cheap thrills, revenge, or to inflict misery on their prey.

It seems that a band of these gentlemen have ridden into Stonekeep looking for information. They are seeking a trio of witches that have been moving Northwest from the Twilight Marshes.  Rumors have started that strange occurrences have begun along the River Metedras. Several small farms in the Homestead region have found foully dismembered livestock. People have gone missing. Small roadside inns and taverns have been found empty with nothing but blood and foul symbols remaining. Small regions of wilderness have just begun to rot away.

There is a foul sickness is running through the Midland Realm and several bands of Witch Hunters have been dispatched to find the cause of it.

They aim to capture, judge and cleanse any witch, warlock or dark wizard they can. Be wary all practitioners of magic, for the Witch Hunters are about and could deem you worthy of a short drop and sudden stop.

 The recent issues with the Black Watch Druids ,the city of Stonekeep and the Alliance of Wood and Stonecutters looks to have subsided. A contingent of rangers ,that are friendly to the surrounding lands, has brokered a peace. The attacks on from both parties have ceased. The forests and quarries are safe to work again without armed guards. The forests are free to travel again.

However the large forest South of town has been closed off to all but the Black Watch Druids and their followers. Citizens are warned that trespassing in that forest is forbidden. We have been told that interlopers will be treated as hostile and dealt with accordingly. Please keep clear of the Southern woods.

A vicious beast has been attacking the fertile lands of Homestead. The local farmers are looking for assistance with removing the creature destroying their crops and cattle.

Citizens of Stonekeep and the surrounding area, be warned that a band of dastardly horse thieves are in the region. Keep all animals securely tied and keep all valuables on your person and not with your mount.

A large explosion rocked the area just North of the derelict Cross Roads Inn. Authorities are piecing together the recent combat and disappearances at the Cross Roads Inn and this strange earth shaking explosion. Any information leading to an explanation would be appreciated.

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