Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bloats done

I always liked the idea of a walking sludge bag mortar. I just was always on the fence to get them.

When Mobius was released I was super keen to finally have a reason to add some Bloat Thralls.
I nabbed two of them and finally sat down to paint them

Putting the legs on these guys was annoying. Plus I had no faith that the tiny legs would hold these giant pieces of metal.

I drilled a hole and ran a rod thru the bottom for support. The are safely off their little legs and once based the floating appearance should disappear.

The best part was the huge gaps to fill when putting these guys together. Holy crap snacks! There was a giant gap in both sides of each model. A generous amount of putty filled the gaps and also served to help hold these dude together.

I'm not super excited for the greenish dirty skin tone. I tried a diffferent look than what I used on my Bile Thralls. 
Bile thralls for those who want to see them. Click here

Now to see how much they changed from MKII to MKIII. Hopefully not too much. The same for their "leader" Mobius.

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