Friday, October 31, 2014


sexy female version of Alice in Wonderland - Grimm Halloween by `ToolKitten on deviantART
What a fun punk'in patch! Bad kitty!

Well another day before a great night! The grill is ready to keep us warm as we hand out treats. Plus it is ideal for the creation of smores for us while kiddes are grabbing treats!

The yard gargoyle has a creepy green spotlight on it for tonite. We have glowing eyes to put in the shrubbery. The pumpkins are ready!

We are stocked with a butt-load of candy and a reserve if needed. Yup little treats for the wee ones and full sized for the big kids. Hopefully our crazy kid filled neighborhood will grab all this so we don't have leftovers.

My special lady and I are doing a bit of dress up as well. She is going as Freddy and I am donning the hockey mask and machete. 

Few hours to go and then it begins!

Even Taz is in the mood with his new scary plushie bat that needs to be destroyed!

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