Monday, November 3, 2014

Post Halloween wrap-up

Gourds for the Dragon Father!

It was a ridiculously windy night that made it quite chilly as well. That didn't stop 120+ little monsters from stopping by to grab treats.

Being the new family on our street we were skeptical on how many kids we would get. Plus with it being like 40 degrees out we didn't expect to get as many kids as we did. Luckily I over bought candy, and now have too many snickers left. The big bars were a hit and we were being talked about for four blocks. Awesome!

The little white pumpkins are great for quick skull and hockey mask pumpkins.

The Cryx symbol pumpkin looked better than I though ti would.

My special lady friend's Michael Myers was sweet!

Toilet paper tubes, eye holes and glow sticks make for creepy eyes staring out from the yard shrubbery. 

My special lady friend and me outside waiting for kiddos. Jason and Freddy doing a selfie.
We thought it best not to muck up her face to keep little kids from being too scared to get treats. I'd throw the mask up to keep little guys from being scared. It worked well. 
Best part of the night was a young girl who kept repeating "You're not scary." to me.
I of course slowly followed her down the sidewalk and when she saw me doing that she bolted screaming. 
Stupid scared kid.

Jason and Freddy finally retire for the night with an adult beverage.

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