Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Big Hero 6

Went to see Big Hero 6 with the lady and the two minions.

Alright, the plot is pretty standard Disney fare. You have a kid, Hiro, who loves him some robots. His brother is also a robot guy and makes a personal health care robot named Baymax. A loveable balloon-like robot that is basically a nurse. Now Hiro develops these microbots to try and get into the same tech school his brother is attending. These microbots work like a cool swarm of bugs to do all sorts of stuff. Sounds fairly lame so far right.

Now pre Disney movie fare, there is a huge loss for Hiro and he has to deal with it. Now add in the fact a kabuki masked guy is using Hiro’s microbots to do all sorts of stuff. Hiro has to turn a robotic nurse into a super awesome fighting robot to stop this bad guy. Sounds better..but wait! There is also a Scooby-Doo element that arises as a group of college students, that are Hiro’s friends, want to help. They go through the process of becoming  high tech super heroes as well to help save the day.

Still sounds kind of meh right?

Yeah I thought that too originally, but after a few trailers I figured this would be a fun movie. It did not disappoint!

The animation is just fantastic. It is really hard to make a bad animated film these days, but this studio just keeps knocking it out of the park! The plot is not super original, but it is a Disney kid movie. They are not going to go off the path that has worked for so many years. Sure you can figure out who is doing what and how it will all end. The characters keep this from becoming stale and are one of the two reasons I went to see this movie.

Baymax is just a big balloon robot nurse, but what they do with him is fantastic. They humanize this robot and make you really care for the big guy. Seriously, only a black hearted goon couldn’t find something to enjoy from this big balloon robot. There is also the whole bonding between Hiro and Baymax that every child (or inner child) can enjoy. Seriously the 12 year old me was all a buzz during this movie. What kid doesn’t want his own robot that can fight and fly? Well I guess lame-o kids is who. 

The side characters are a mixed bag for me. They all fall into the Scooby gang category and are pretty one dimensional: adrenaline junkie tough girl, stoner comedy guy, neurotic neat freak, and the super optimist non-cheerleader cheerleader. They help drive the story a little, but mostly are there to add some comedy and grounding for Hiro. Most people will find something to like and dislike about them. I’m speaking of the character of Fred. He is equal parts Shaggy and Jay (of and Silent Bob) without the “Yoinks”, pot and swears. He was the most polarizing for me as every time he annoyed me he would do or say something later that would make me laugh.

The second reason I was interested to see this is robots and super hero stuff. This is based off a property I knew nothing about, besides the title. It was great to go into a comic film and not have any preconceived notions, ideas or bias. I could just watch the creation of this little super team through montage and enjoy their ups and downs. Seriously it was a feeling I had not had in, well forever during a comic book based film. It was so very refreshing.

By the end of this I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it. This is a heavily a kid superhero robot buddy movie, but it felt like more than just that. The kids loved it but it was their demographic they should. My special lady and me both came out with the same feeling. We loved it too! It is a great looking and really fun movie. If you are any fan of robots, mecha, and/or superheroes then you have probably seen it already. If you haven’t go see  Big Hero 6 it is a damn good time!

Late addendum….

There wasn’t a lot of adult humor, but the sequence with Baymax and a low battery had us all crying with laughter. There were nights in our past where that was either us or a friend who had drank too much and acted the same way. One of mine involved the phrase “Shoes off!” and there was night I could not make it up a flight of stairs much like Baymax. Plus how can anyone not add the phrase “Hairy baby.” to your verbal lexicon when dealing with pets?

The opening short “Feast” is fraking adorable!

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