Friday, November 21, 2014

5th ed. D&D second character to try.....

Alright after a run with a warlock I am looking to try another character class. I’m looking melee and the first idea is barbarian. Is there any other class that screams melee more?

These guys have the ability to rage and gain damage bonuses. The can fight shirtless and gain an armor class bonus. They can shrug off a fair amount of damage when in combat. They have to great career paths with the berserker or totem warrior. The biggest issues would be what race to play. The barbarian is the optimal and logical choice.

I’m also looking at a druid. Yeah a druid for melee. How is that possible? Well a crazy shape shifter is how.  Stuck in combat well just turn into a dire wolf, bear or crocodile. Sure there is a stat and armor swap, but you gain various abilities attacks and more importantly their hit points. Just make sure that you change back before you zero out the animal form. This keeps from an bleed over into your true hit point pool. This is the “fun” option for a melee class.

I guess I’ll have it figured out by next game. I think a lot will depend on the dice rolls and my mood when I sit down to draw something up. Will it be a Warhammer Fantasy Dwarven Slayer or more of a Night Elf Feral Druid from World o’ Warcraft?

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