Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bubble, bubble, toil and all that jazz.

Another of the Privateer models from my collection that were not used for Warmachine, the Witch Coven of Garlghast.
Liking the look of this warcaster unit I bought them for misc D&D models.

Now I have given them a retouch and painted their floating ball of doom, the Egregore.
The witches were simple. I just retouched the metal. I added a purple wash to their clothes. I even washed the flesh to shade it a bit.

I thought about retouching their tattoos, but I was afraid a mistake would be too much work to fix. I like the purple as it clashes with the usual Cryx green, black and drab.

The Ergergore I had never painted as it was too busy for me to try. After a two attempts at dirty metal and creepy green I finally finished it. I am not happy with it, but I am done with it! Hopefully on the tabletop it will look alright. Close up I am displeased, but I am also tired of messing with the paint job.

Sure they are not a popular warcaster, but they function as independent models with 9 focus to start and a toolbox of shenanigans. They just need some support before I get them on the field.

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