Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween month again!

Well October is here and it’s time for my yearly rundown of stuff.

This year I have decided to cram as many horror movies as possible into my tiny bit of free time. Thanks to Netflixia, Goddess of Temporal Production Devouring, I will have a descent amount of streaming horror goodness (or probably badness) to view.

Anything I watch I must finish. I will give myself one caveat, if it looks like a SyFy original then I will bail on it and quick! I will try and watch movies I have heard absolutely nothing about or those that I have a teeny tiny knowledge. Now if there is a film I have deemed “classic” or have not seen in forever, then I will sure as hell watch that instead. I might be crazy, but I’m not stupid! I am hoping that there are a few noteworthy films and not all just low budget drek

I am hoping to get through a bunch of movies and get quick little reviews of them out there.

This year Halloween month is about the unknown (unknown to me and mine) horror, thriller, creepy or ghostly films.

The first selection….. The Bay.

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