Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween movie time! Night of the Creeps


Night of the Creeps- Holy crap is this movie just full of awesome!

We start with a space battle and some alien canister falling to Earth in 1959. This alien canister opens and a fast moving slug jumps into some goon’s mouth who is out on a date. This turns him into a creepy zombie! Jump ahead to modern day (1986-ish) and two guys ( Chris and J.C.) in college pulling a fraternity prank in hopes of pledging. Just grab a corpse from the morgue (which every college has). Strangely enough the infected goon from 1959 is frozen in a super science lab. The same science lab that these two guys go into hoping to nab a corpse. Of course the corpse is thawed and the alien slug inside wakes up and escapes. Now we have slugs jumping in mouths all over the place. Zombies being created from an entire fraternity on formal night and sorority house as a target for these zombie slug boyfriends. It is up to Chris ,sorority girl Cynthia and police detective Ray Cameron to stop the zombie slug invasion on campus.

That minor bit does not even touch the great stuff that happens in this movie. There is a slug zombie dog that is just bonkers. There is a bit with a flamethrower wielding sorority girl in a taffeta gown. A psycho axe murderer. Just great 80’s dialogue and one liners everywhere. Alien slugs flying into everyone’s mouth only to burst forth from their exploding heads scenes later. A lot of just crazy, silly and fun B horror blood and gore. Plus the tag line for this movie is fantastic!

If only my formals were this cool! Flamethrower + shotgun= party!

The best description is a mix of Revenge of the Nerds, Night of the Living Dead and a hint of Slither.

Watch this for some more great 80’s horror that has the same feel as Return of the Living Dead.

Finally, I’ll try a real documentary. None of that handy came fake drek here. I’m diving into the four hour documentary about a favorite horror franchise of mine, “Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.”

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