Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nurgle Halloween

Probably my favorite of these three!
The Maggot Lords could not have come out a better time! These guys are just bonkers! They are equal parts gross and imposing. How could I not think them awesome!?

While I'm not a huge fan of the Nurgle Knights and their ridiculous prices, I do lobe the maggot lords.

They are crazy big sculpts and add a lot of character to an already gross fun army. Besides tongue belly and nurgling belly, I'm not a super fan of these guys. 

Way too many tentacles for a follwer of Nurgle. this guy belongs in the Tzeencth/Hentai stable.

Fantasy continues to nail it out of the park! Still too bad I'll never play it, but stuff like this always makes me want to start.

The giant head horn is a bit much, but it seems to match his mount.

Will people convert these guys as Nurgle defilers? By the cauldron of Papa Nurgle I hope they do!

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