Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween movie time! American Mary


American Mary- Mary wants to be a surgeon and is having trouble paying for med school. One night she hits a strip club looking for a job and then gets pulled into situation where a doctor is needed to sew up some goon. She discovers she can make a living doing trippy body modification and under the table surgery. Now we throw in: a quasi-obsessed strip club owner, a living doll non-plastic doll,  her Betty Boop voiced friend, a bouncer with a heart of gold, creepy bitey twins, a rapey sex party, a non-killing serial surgeon and some revenge. Wait what?

Well this should end badly.

The production value here is really high for B movie. Sadly the story is a mess. There is a revenge story that falls flat. A serial killer story that it was leaning toward and then just stops. There is a love/stalker story In here. There are weirdos that get introduced that are supposed to be compelling, but are just weird for weird sake. Mary starts a body modification business that is supposed to be ultra-strange and edge pushing, but it really isn’t. The whole creepy gross surgeries are not that at all. There is a hope for great gore and that isn’t there either. Plus this all jumps around in such a disjointed manner.

American Mary? What does that title even mean?

The whole serial killer meets body modification sounded really fun! However, it was not that. A pretty lame bit of gross/blood. A bunch of body modification that wasn’t creepy. And was actually quite boring. I mean tongue splitting, horns, implants, suspension hooks and scarification are all pretty tame. Sure in real life they are freaky as shit, but Mary is supposed to be this super modification specialist that only the coolest people go see. The whole bizarre extreme modification surgery just wasn’t there.

This had some great potential, but it was lost and rather quickly. This was a thriller that fails to thrill. A gross out that has no gross. A horror film with no horror.

Watch this if you want to see a lot wasted potential.

From a non-serial killer to a thriller about a creeper stealing kids. I’m watching The Tall Man.

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