Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween movie time! Waxwork

Alright! I’m diving back into the 80’s for some horror schlock and awe!

waxwork poster

Waxwork- All of a sudden a wax museum opens in this any town America. The proprietor invites some high school ( I think they are supposed to be in high school but look 25-30) kids for a midnight showing. Only six people may come, no more and no less is the only request for the showing.

Billy (from Gremlins) and his buddies show up and are shown around the museum that is full of scenes of torture, killing, famous killers both real and fictional. A little too real. When the group walk, fall or  get pushed into the displays the scenes come alive. They are sucked into the story being portrayed. These all have a tragic and violent ending, which is what the owner of the museum needs. See if all the displays get filled with real victims, then the wax monsters can become real and will walk the Earth. It is all part of a deal with Old Scratch and some wonky items that house evil power and of course are all part of the displays. It is up to Billy and his "not girlfriend" to survive and save the day!

This guy is awesome and so is his demise!

Incoming muppet werewolf!

This is some 80’s horror B movie schlock at its best! There is just awful dialogue, great one-liners, some weak sets, low budget effects and some glaring plot holes. That being said, this is a damn fun good-bad movie! The displays are all nods to horror you know and love: Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper, Phantom o’ the Opera, the Mummy, Rosemary’s baby, Little Shop o’ Horrors, etc. Sure there are gaping plot holes, pretty lame acting and gore that isn’t great; but that is part of what makes this entertaining. I enjoyed this back in the day. Many years later and I still found this to be a good time.

Watch this if you like good-bad horror movies. If you go in expecting any but a mid-late 80’s horror movie then be prepared to be disappointed. If you go in thinking along the lines of Army of Darkness then it is good time.

Alright another 80’s horror movie that is the direct sequel to an all-time favorite horror film of mine. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II” is on deck!

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