Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween movie time. The Bay

The Bay-

mocumentary about a small town on…a bay! A nearby chicken farm is spilling waste and chems into the water. This leads to small parasite aquatic isopods (- pic-) becoming huge and aggressive. Throw in a desalinization plant as well. Now townsfolk are swimming and drinking the larvae of these guys. One fine day the little bugs start rapid growing inside and eating through the townsfolk. Seriously they all start to grow and eat people in one damn day!? One summer afternoon all this happens? Really? Really?

All this is shot via fraking found footage and handy shaky cam. Which is poison and needs to stop! Curse you found footage and shaky cameras! A further curse upon The Blair Witch Project for setting this precedent!

There were some descent practical effects. The blistering skin that was caused by this infestation was alright, most of the time. The damage to bodies that had been devoured from within was descent sometimes. The CGI was pretty drek though. The shaky cam really made it easy to disguise poorly made blood and guts.

This falls into the “I’ve seen worse.” category. I can’t recommend it unless you are strapped for something to watch, like parasite infection films or have lost a bet. There is just too much and not enough going on here at the same time. It had potential as a creepy mocumentary but falls short in too many places.

FUN FACT! Barry Levinson directed this. Seriously the guy who did Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam, The Natural and Sleepers did this. Well….he also did Toys, Sphere, and Envy so…….I guess this is a push?

Next up is Lords of Salem.

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