Friday, February 26, 2016

Gene Simmons inspired trolls

Sometimes Ebay is awesome. Like when you are looking for a cheaper than store price Swamp Troll light warbeast.

You then bid on it super low and continue on because you found a “Buy it now!” of the same model for super cheap too!
You forget about the bid because it is super low and there are ten days left on the auction. You couldn’t possibly win it so no big deal.

Well then you win it and have a second Swamp Troll warbeast incoming.

Now my special lady has not one, but two stinky swamp monsters added to her Trollblood army.

Nothing super special here I punted and just painted them varying types of green.

Their little fishing net hooks and baubles were not a s terrible to paint as I thought they would be.

I did alter the arm of one of them from the fist shaking at those damn kids on his lawn pose to more of a sitting gorilla pose. Why? Well just to give them a tiny bit of difference.

I was going to try  and go all swampy on their bases, but they take up so much of them I don’t have much room to do anything really special.

I guess I can still throw down some water effects and plant looking materials to give it a swampy sort of appearance.

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