Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50 or Holy Crap Did That Just Happen?!

At the kick-off I still had reservations. Like I said in my last post I had to have hope. That hope was answered by an amazing defensive performance!

Prevent Offense run by Peyton for the win!

The fact that the league is quarterback friendly and geared toward offense with it's rules set, to have a defensive fueled game was fantastic. Watching Denver ruin the plays of the Panthers every series was just incredible. Take away Peyton's interception and this would have been a complete embarrassment for the Panthers.

Speaking of Peyton, yes he was hurt and bad this season. Yes people threw the fact he needed the defense to win for him.
Then throw in the fact this is a team game and everyone needs everyone else to work together to win.

It is a team game people! Who cares how as long as they all get the job done. 
They did just that!
It wasn't pretty on the offensive side, but it was a thing of beauty on the defensive side!

Then Von Miller and the rest of the Denver defense had a lights out night. 
What they did to Tom Brady two weeks prior they continued.

Even being held horribly a lot of the game Von Miller was phenomenal! 

Seriously how do these not get called.
Even better how does holding him not stop him?

Image result for super bowl 50 highlights
Did he really not try and dive on this ball? Yes that happened.

Now I'll be labeled a Cam Newton not racist - racist for saying this because you can't dislike him without people labeling you that.

If you are gonna act like this every time you win......
and say

"I'm a firm believer if you don't like it, keep me out (of the end zone)."

....then that is exactly what happens all game....

.... then you act like this when you lose..... need to grow up a lot!

You are super talented athlete and had a fantastic season. 
You are the league MVP. Act like it. 
Lose like a champ, not a petulant child who didn't get what everyone was telling you you were going to get all week. 
Emotions aside that post game presser was terrible and only fuels the haters. 

Defense still wins championships.
For everyone that thought this was a boring game, sorry it wasn't. It wasn't the high scoring all offense blow out people want it was a defensive beat down on either side of the ball. It was mean and it was ugly. However, it was a side of the game we don't see often enough anymore. A defensive driven team to still prove that it can and does win games for you.

I can bask in the glow for a while and enjoy this.

Quick aside the commercials were all terrible and I think Cold Play still sucks.

The only ad from the game I even found memorable.


The sports writers and pundents can all go suck it!

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