Sunday, February 7, 2016

#50 and pregame stress

Usually I'm ecstatic on this day. However this year I'm all a bundle of nerves. It is easier to watch a Super Bowl without you r team in it. Well if your me that is the case. I have seen Denver win two and lose twice that since I've been following football. 

Now we have Super Bowl 50. A milestone. A game where Denver has been counted out by basically everybody. I have doubts myself after watching them all season. Carolina is playing fantastic the two weeks prior and Denver was winning, but just. 

Monday will either be a day of continued jubilation or another day of gloom after Denver drops their fifth Super Bowl and becomes a bigger joke than the Buffalo Bills. 

I imagine if the game gets out of hand I'll head home and just wait for a new episode of the Venture Brothers and watch the commercial spots online.

All I can do today is sit, eat, watch and hope.

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