Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The new Wulfen are here?

Years ago these are the Wulfen that were released. 
it was all part of the 13th Black Crusade event and they weren't terrible, for that time.
A lot of hair, fangs and claws.

They were part of the lost 13th Company of Space Wolves that came back to fight Abbadon and his goons.

Now they have been re-made and are here again.
The new Wulfen!

Space Wolves Wulfen


Is the guy in the top right corner taking a selfie? Checking his make-up?

Karate Kid crane pose?

Chicken/wolf feet?

Space Wolves Wulfen

What is this guy in front doing?

Everyone gets a special piece of wargear now?

Space Wolves Wulfen

Space Wolf-erine?

Claws made of ice?
Big blown back hair?

Personally I hate the look of  these guys. Once again a chance to do something super cool and they hand out wolf bird legs and bad action poses.

They will probably have over the top rules that will make people use them until the next big unit/army comes back out.

Hooray another lackluster looking unit from a company I used to love the look of their stuff.
What is going on over there? 
How did this drek get the ok?

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  1. I was saying the same thing. Heard there were new Wulfen out, then I saw them. Glad I got out when I did.