Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fallout 4 and all done!

Well after 100 plus hours of game play it is finally time to finish Fallout 4.

I am sad to stop, because I still haven’t explored every bit of the Commonwealth.

I have stuck to my original plan and bumped my intelligence and charisma to the max. I have stuck to pistols and the occasional explosive device. Having maxed out the gun nut, science and gunslinger perks makes using ballistic or energy handguns just silly good!

I spent a lot of time gathering the various companions and unlicking their perks and running their special quests. Well everyone except Nick valentine. By the time I got to him I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Plus the whole detective noir gumshoe bit I have never found appealing. Searching for bobble heads is always fun. Plus the Salem Witch museum and Dunwich Boers were just incredibly fun locations to explore!  Not to mention all the random walking around to stumble upon stuff that I tend to get lost doing when it comes to Fallout games.

As a whole I loved me some Fallout 4! The world building, the customization, the quests were all just stellar! This really is a journey not a destination type of game. Yup. That means the only real downside for me was the ending. I finished with the Brotherhood of Steel. After talking with two buddies (who finished the game with two different factions) it seems the ending has a that left a bad taste bit. I don't disagree. It wasn't stellar.

The drek ending doesn’t ruin the experience of the game up to that point though. Slaying super mutants, ghouls, cutting deals, building towns, having a castle as a base, the myriad of weapon/armor options, the pop culture references to find and the unlimited amount of raiders to blast my way through: still made for just a spectacular game!

Still it is time to move along to another game and maybe return to Fallout 4 in the distant future to relive the good times.

Leaving the wasteland again, but for where?

Looks like I’ll jump into the Witcher 3 next as I hear good stuff about that game. I haven’t played any of those, but it looks like fantasy Grand Theft Auto/Assassins Creed type gamer play. I’m do for a 3rd person rpg right about now.

That or try Darkest Dungeon. I have heard I will love/hate that game a ton! 

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