Thursday, February 25, 2016

Saturday improtu game

Last Saturday saw the local pair of intrepid adventures finishing off a minor campaign. It was a pop-up game situation where there was a will to play that day and I had a few notes scrawled down to use as an adventure.

After three games, spaced over many moths, the besieged and occupied town of Stone Keep was finally cleansed. It was your classic town overrun by goblin, orc and the occasion ogre. After a few sorties by the pair of adventures (a thief and fighter) it was time to clear the town.

I did roll up an NPC cleric to tag along for heals. It is difficult to challenge a group that has no healer. One bad combat and the party is skulking back to heal before trying again, with possibly the same result. That or you hand out heal supplies like a shop owner in Diablo II.

The game went as planned with actually no hiccups. They had to find the warboss and drive him out. There was rumor of ogre guarded treasure. The cleric was there to reclaim the temple of his order and cleanse it. All of these bits came to pass. Along the way they stumbled into a goblin shaman with a spell list of shenanigans. They also started a bar fight that would make any 80/early 90's action/ comedy movie proud! A level was gained and treasure was found as well.

I was told it was fun, so that is good enough for me.

This now gives them a base of operations and allows me to begin world building.  

I really need to invest in a dry erase mat too for future games. Plus I need to finish the basement toot sweet to get me guys over to properly christen it with a D&D adventure.

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