Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New biggie piggies

New Hordes Farrow warbeast pics from the weekend.

I like the stats and abilities of the Battle Boar. He doesn't look terrible either.
The giant crazy oven on his back is a fun touch. As are the tubes running through his arms and torso.
I will be getting this guy.

The Spaltter Boar on the other hand....I am not a fan.
The right arm looks all akimbo and his mortar doesn't look great either.
However, this guy the gun and battle version of these beasts are an all for one kit by the look of it.
Least that is good. Right?


  1. The splatter boar model looks bad, but considering it's a 5 point model that can totally shut down Gargantuans, my guess is it'll be in a lot of lists.

  2. Well if anyone fields gargantuans. That giant base is the only thing it might actually be able to hit.