Monday, February 15, 2016

Deadpool review!

I had no idea if they could pull this movie off. Sure the trailers looked like it would hit the high points, but I still had concerns.

Then the opening creditscroll started and my concerns were put at peace.

Those concerns were completely squashed! Deadpool was so much damn fun!

Some origin stuff and British villain.....

Alright here we get a needed origin story since we need to get people to know who Deadpool is. Perfectly fine in this film. We get a big action set piece that we have all seen bits of previously. The main story revolves around that and jumps from past to present during said set piece. It breaks the story well and keeps it moving between past Wade Wilson and now Deadpool. Along the way you get your hero love story. We meet our villains. There is the quintessential end battle and roll credits. It all plays out like it should.

romance story arc.....

However, the ride to get from origin to end battle is fraking fantastic! I though Guardians o' the Galaxy would be the most laughing and fun comic book movie I would see. Well now Deadpool is out and blew the doors off that! The comedy hits here are great! Ryan Reynolds nailed the insanity that is Deadpool universe so well. 

hair-do aside I wouldn't mind a beat-down from Gina Carano as Angel Dust....

The 4th wall breaking his comics are known for is alive and well here and so much damn fun!

The suit looks great and he is in it a ton fully masked. 

The action is insane as it should be! the quips are phenomenal! Holy crap snacks this movie was just so much damn fun! It nailed everything I expected and wanted from Deadpool.

The non combat story filler with Deadpool was some of my favorite stuff: the taxi cab rides with Dopindar, the Ikea discussions with Blind Al or chatting with Weasel. 

Hell it even outperformed the studio's hopes of $75 million. It nailed $135 in the U.S.! Nobody thought an R rated comic book movie would do so well. It did! I was incredibly shocked as well.

Now was it perfect? No. 

This movie will offend a lot of Mid-Western sensibilities. Parents taking their kids to see the new comic book movie without checking first will be appalled. I'm looking at you suburban soccer moms! 

The R rating is pushed because it can be. The swearing is pushed can it can be. The boobs are there cause they can be. The hyper violence is there, well because it is good fun for the character, because it can be. The R rating is both necessary and not. Sure this could have been PG-13 and made even more money, but it would have toned down the extreme crazy violence that made the action so incredibly awesome. It would have killed the sex and swears that did seem a bit thrown in for good measure because they could be. I'm at a bit of a push here as the rating was and wasn't necessary for the film, but it seems like it didn't really hurt the box office at all.

The other problems are cosmetic for me: origin tweaked, Vanessa tweaked, Negasonic tweaked (but for the better), Colossus was too goody goody, Deadpool melty face could have looked worse, but these are all minor.

The issues I have were minor and can be over shadowed with what I did like. I am curios to see if there are any fans of the comic that take umbrage with the film. I definitely did not!

Deadpool. Loved it!

Might see it again.

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