Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pre- Super Bowl D&D Sunday wrap or....

....Best gaming/game weekend ever!

After Saturday running D&D I was able to roll up and play an guy in pre-Super Bowl D&D game. Damn I miss this stuff!

The gang got together to roll up new guys and play a quick adventure.

Our party of three was comprised of a dwarf cleric, a human paladin and my human druid.

Yeah a druid. I have never tried them. There was never a reason to in 2nd  or 4th. Now in 5th I thought why not? Plus the only other class I have never tried was a bard, but none of us want to go there.

What druids are perceived as 

We started at level 3 to give us more hit points and a few extra bits and buffs. 

My druid chose to become Circle of the Moon for the ability to shapeshift into bigger and better animals. I figured he was a forest guy so the brown bear would be the go to animal shape for combat.

What I thought I looked like!

The three of us had been arrested for various crimes and were on a prison barge. This is where the game went akimbo. The ship was caught in a storm. We had to escape and ended up almost losing the cleric due to a suit of chainmail. We eventually washed up on a foreign shore with our lives, no gear and a near naked dwarf. They grabbed some makeshift wood to use as clubs and off we went in search of the unknown!

The island/ archipelago /peninsula we were on had some strange sickness running through it. The forest was rotting. The trees were leaking goo. The insects were bulbous and gross. Then there was this giant bleeding tree in the center of a ruined village.

After a vicious bout with some ancient and wicked undead we decided to explore the area. After many rolls and searching, we discovered an ancient burial site beneath the blood big bleeding tree and delved deeper. Inside was a crazy ancient elf woman/witch who was feeding the tree roots the hearts of the living…recently living. We tried talking her down but eventually her and the tree attacked us. We dispatched her (barley) and saved one would be victim, a dwarf, from the region.

Now we have to figure out what is going on and where the heck we are. Plus the cleric and paladin probably want some gear to protect themselves. Personally I want to discover what is going on and why the forest is poisoned/cursed/tainted and remedy that. Being a “tree hugger” is there any other mission for me?

I am still on the fence with the druid class. Having the ability to shape change is cool, but the time in form is really limited. The ability to sort of tank and get multiple attacks  as “Big Bear” is pretty damn fun! Sure I can act as off heals or utility spell slinger if needed too. The druid really feels like a multi-class character that isn’t.


Damn it was good to play again! After running for randos the day before I was developing a gaming itch. Sunday’s game scratched that itch a bit more. Then again maybe I just having an allergic reaction to something or eczema?

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