Tuesday, January 10, 2017

X-wing game weekend!

Friday I taught the step-kid how to play X-wing.
Since Rouge One I have been wanting to bust this out again.

After a few training games we busted out a few more ships.
Three games Friday night! 
Good times.

Saturday I made a dash to the store and grabbed a few new ships and got my lady to play with us.
Three way fight  between the Rebels, Imperials and Bobba Fett.

A much larger game and chaotic with three players, still damn fun.

Second game Saturday was introduction of the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels and 
Prince Xizor in his Star Viper

The Fett and the Prince bought the farm first.
Then the Tie Fighters tried to whittle down the Ghost, but just couldn't manage.

Really have missed playing this game.


  1. I just picked up the game and it is pretty awesome. I got the basic pack, plus an A-wing and an Inquisitors TIE. Its all I can do to not go get a bunch more ships (shut up and take my money) , or pay any attention at work. 3 games in and I have a pretty good hang of it. Even one of those games I was schnokered on whiskey


    1. It is so easy to just grab a bunch of little ship packs and not think anything of it.

      Plus it is stupid easy to learn, no set up and can be run really quick.

      Welcome to X-Wing! No grab more ships!