Friday, January 27, 2017

D&D pre-game, repeat post from last month snow out

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A darkened alleyway in the residential area within Stonekeep.
Three figures stand huddled around a small fire to keep the autumn chill off their bones.
The citizens going about their nightly business only see three people trying to get warm, a harmless trio of vagabonds.

“It was only one night. We can do this again. They will be made to see. We shall show them!” screeched the smallest of the three as he danced about by the fire.

“Keep it down! We don’t need to be attracting attention due to your incessant yelling.” A tall thin man said in a hushed voice. He grabbed the shorter man and shook him to stop his dancing about.

“But we struck a major blow. We should be celebrating.” Squeaked the short man.

The third member of the group, a stoic brute of a man in a brown cloak, stood silently warming his hands and staring into the fire.

“We orchestrated a small attack, nothing more. Plus it was thwarted before substantial damage could be inflicted upon the populace. We also lost the guild, and the majority of the members have scattered to gods know where with the majority of the information we were trying to attain. Then there is the issue with our other conspirators to settle as well. They turned on their own. Who knows how that will shake out in the future.”

“Still there is still one more target to strike, is there not?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure if it will be a viable attack. If you haven’t noticed, the city is on high alert right now. We have no idea why the third target wasn’t hit last night. It might not be attainable now.”

“Didn’t they agree to help us? They did right?” the short man squeaked while looking at the largest member of the trio.

“Indeed they did mention they would assist us. What are their plans?.” The thin man asked the stoic brute in their midst.

The cloaked man stopped warming his hands, looked up from the fire at his two companions.

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“We strike again tonight. They will expect it. They will be prepared. They might still be able to stop it, but at what cost? Everything we do buys more time for my brethren. Make the application. Then take your payment and never let me see your faces in this region again.”

The brutish man then turned and walked into the nearest shadow and disappeared.

“I hate dealing with the likes of him.”

“Yeah, but he pays well. We can expect another bag of those amber gemstones again. That should easily be enough to get us on a boat and off to the Fens. Think that is far enough away?” squeaked the short man.

“I damn well better be my friend. It better be. Now let’s go get that goop they gave us and get it slopped about. The building.”

As the two men shuffled out if the alley they failed to notice the trio of rats following them through the streets.

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