Thursday, January 5, 2017

Playoff time, or How to watch all the teams I hate.

Well the end of football is almost here or the playoffs have started.
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Well S.I. pre-season prediction is Seahawks?
Good luck there.
I can usually root for some team if the Broncos aren’t in the post season. This year I can cheer for nobody. I loathe almost every team that is there.
The Patriots? Cheering for them is like rooting for the House to win in Las Vegas.
The Chiefs and Raiders? Never!
Steelers and their raping QB? Nope.
The Texans? Please you get in because you win your shite division. You know you suck and have no chance.
Then the NFC. Well that is a complete crap show there. The majority of the teams in the playoffs here are drek. Sure the Cowboys have the best record, but who have they beat that is any good? Yeah nobody really.  The Giants? Laughable. The Seahawks? No way. Screw those guys too.
So I cheer for nobody to win and, sans some fluke or breakout game from somebody, expect a Patriots and Cowboys Super Bowl. Yeah like I really want to watch that.
At least the college football championship is Monday. Here is hoping Alabama crushes Clemson, or it is an insane score-a-thon like last year!


  1. Lovable Losers who are not getting out of the first round again. Go Lions Go.

  2. That was a rough game for the Lions. I was hoping they could pull off a win, but then the game started.