Thursday, January 19, 2017

Poop: The Game

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Do you like UNO?
Do you think toilet humor is comical?
If so, then you will enjoy Poop: The Game.

Players are dealt a hand of cards. Then a toilet card is laid down. This toilet has a number and color on it. Players must then try to flush the toilet by laying down cards with a number and color on them. If three of the same color are laid down, then the toilet is flushed and play continues. The first player to run out of cards wins!

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If the number on the cards ever equals or goes over the number on the toilet, well then the toilet clogs. The player “clogging” the toilet takes all the cards that are in play and adds them to their hand.
So it is UNO-like, and not at the same time.

Then add in wild cards that players use, but have to perform an action on their turn. This action is listed on the wild card, make a grunt, splash noise, whistle or lean and fart. Once again juvenile, yet entertaining.

This would also make a fairly easy and comical drinking game. Hell, look at that! The deck even comes with a rule set for a drinking game. Missed that the first time through.
Yes this game is juvenile, but…if you have: kids, tweens, teens or adults who still find toilet humor hysterical, then this game is descent. Several hands can be played in a short amount of time. There are a few variations to game play that come with the set. All of them are easy to learn/play.

So go grab a bag (or box) of Poop and get playing!

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