Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Movie Crypt podcast?

As I continually wander the interweb in search of back ground noise, I have stumble upon yet another of these pod casts the kids are so hip too these days.

It is “The Movie Crypt.”
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Here you are treated to the verbal styling’s of one Adam Green and Joe Lynch. Who are they? Well they are filmmakers and have a t.v. show as well. They wax poetic about the various aspects of the film, t.v. and even at times the music industries.

Why bother listening? Well for me it is because these guys are horror and movie fans. That is what appealed to me. They are responsible for the Hatchet movies (that I am currently working through) and a few other features. I do like listening to fans of the genre, who also work within said genre, talk all the minutia surrounding it.

Like multiple pod casts they also have a guest with them the majority of episodes. These range from various known/iconic horror actors to the people behind the movies (directors, writers, an agent, costumers and various effects) and the occasional musical talent as well. It is awesome to hear from Tony Todd, Sid Haig, Greg Nicotero, James Gunn, Bill Mosley, Dee Snyder, Danielle Harris, Chris Columbus, Neil Marshall; and you get the point. There are a lot of people worth listening to whether you think you want to or not. I have become a bigger fan of the director interviews than the actors, and I didn’t think that would happen.

They also occasionally will do fan commentaries of a few films and so far those have been pretty sweet. I made it through the Friday 13th Part II, Gremlins and Halloween III commentaries they have done, and they are all a good listen.

Even better is that this pod cast runs longer than the typical 45 minutes to an hour that is the norm. A two hour pod cast seems long, but they actually clip by really fast. They put out episodes regularly, which is great. They have over 100 in the tank  and I’m burning through them faster than I thought I would. Plus it is free. See you won’t even have to pay to listen to horror and movie nerd stuff.

Is there a down side? Well to be warned there is a lot of self-promotion in the earlier podcasts. I’m not sure how long that continues. It can be irritating to listen to these guys pimp their movies and t.v. show time after time. However, I get the how and why of this. You have been warned.

A good pod cast for horror fans and if you like the behind the scenes of movie making.

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