Monday, January 30, 2017

D&D Saturday night pre-game

Saturday night, before we got to gaming two awesome events happened.

First I was presented with a gift from, a much missed member of our little gaming clan, Tom. He sent a bottle of Axe and Oak bourbon from his mystical magical region that is
on to of some icy mountain with the yeti (or maybe just in the nearby woods with a passive aggressive Sasquatch).
I am no connoisseur of bourbon. I will not speak of subtle hints of this, essence of that or aroma of such. As me and my lady sat down to game with a glass of this on ice we both came to the same conclusion.
This is a good bit of alright! It is an easy drink. It is smooth with just enough burn to remind you that it is 96 proof.
It pairs nicely with a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill or Mansions of Madness and a handful of pretzeled bread.
Thank you Tom for the delicious gift mind and body numbing alcohol. It will (and has been so far) be enjoyed!

A simple bottle and sweet logo.

Saturday I was also gifted with a small diorama from the fellas. Unbeknownst to me, as I seem to track time differently than normal humans, we have been gaming together for 20 years. 20 years of D&D! While not always consistent due to life of course, but still 20 amazing years of slaying beasts, gaining fortune, sometimes fame and making some amazing gaming memories.

All of these are the original 2nd edition models we used (well except of the guy on the far left, that is Morgan “The Greaser” the newest guy who has been around for a few years and hopefully continue on with us for another 20!).

A little dedication on the back warmed the remaining cockle of my heart. A surprising and fantastic gesture on behalf of guys I am happy to call, know and claim as my friends my friends. A pretty damn memorable (and internally emotional) beginning to the evening.
Now on to the business of trying to murder these guys with monsters!

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