Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sheriff of Nottingham game review.

Well another game tried and a game I had and still have no interest in playing. Still I tried it because it might have been fun. Right?

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The Sheriff of Nottingham (or basically a different version of the card game Bullshit).

Alright the story goes that  merchants are trying to get their goods into Nottingham. Well no big deal. Well if you add the stipulation that Prince John is coming to town, then it becomes an issue. Why? Well because the ever watchful Sheriff is inspecting all the goods coming into town. He is making sure that there is no foul play going on or something.


You play as a merchant and your goal is to try and get as many; cheeses, chickens, breads, apples or contraband past the Sheriff and to turn a profit. Every turn players take cards marked with cheese, apples, a chicken, bread or contraband (silk, crossbows, pepper, or mead). Then they place 1-5 cards in a pouch. They must declare how many cards and what one item are in said pouch. The Sheriff then has to decide if that player, and their pouch, are legit or full of lies.

It is the job of the Sheriff to let the pouch through, or call out the player and investigate. This is where the game turns a bit as the Sheriff can be bribed with game money, items or favors of any kind.
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So fat and such tiny legs!

So yeah I say I have 5 chickens in my little card pouch. Now I actually have a chicken and 4 contraband cards. I can be searched. If I lie poorly then I have to try and bribe the Sheriff or lose out on the money the illegal goods will provide and pay the Sheriff a fine. That or I can have 5 apples and the Sheriff calls me a liar and inspects. Then he see I was not lying and has to pay me the cost of my cards as punishment.

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Blerg! I hate bluffing games.

Now this leads to all manner of bluffing and lying shenanigans as every player is trying to get past the Sheriff while making ( or at worst not losing too much) as much money as possible.
Now every turn the job of Sheriff is passed around the table. That way everyone gets a turn to try and catch liars or not. After two turns of every player beign the Sheriff the game ends. The player with the most money in stuff ( cards brought past the Sheriff ) wins.

I hated this game, but I hate bluff/lying games.  I just figure everyone is always lying in these games and accuse everyone. These suck!
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Sheriff of Nottingham is just the card game Bullshit, but with different rules.

Now I understand why people might enjoy this game. It is simple to learn. It is a party type game. It is family friendly as well. The art work for the merchants and cards isn’t terrible either.
So if you like people, lying and a card game based very loosely on the Robin Hood mythos, then Sheriff of Nottingham is right in your wheel house.

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