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D&D post game 1-28- 17: Part 1

After a two month hiatus we got back together to game again.

The party was only two days removed from the previous adventure where the city was under various druidic and alchemist terrorist attacks.

Stonekeep was awash with rumors about the how and why of what happened. The group got to investigating by following up on some rumors about the homeless getting big pay-offs for unknown and sketchy labor. This led to shaking down to beggars and after arousing investigative step that led to a broken leg…… they revealed they were hired to spread some sort of bait bags around town and near Lord Faruth’s Estate.
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The hobo investigation ended like this.

Lord Faruth being a wealthy noble who runs a major shipping operation up and down the Meredras River. He is also the proprietor of a large and fancy zoo.
This was probably the Black Watch Druid’s next target. Especially when Lord Faruth’s yearly gala was going on that very evening.

They party split to warn Lord Faruth, whom they have had business with in the past, and to question a few circus folk being held by the town guard.
Sadly the circus folk investigation gleaned no new knowledge.
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Lord Faruth was warned and also invited the party to the grand gala. He even sent them to his personal tailor to get them gussied up for the occasion. Nothing says fancy like a half-orc and a dragonborn in proper high society attire.

As the party left for the gala, they noticed they were being followed. A small ambush was set and they caught on William Clay. He was a member of the Alchemist Guild and possibly the only remaining member in the city. He was following the party to find time to ask them for help. He is looking for protection and work. Some townsfolk blame the alchemists for the events of the Harvest Festival. Well they are not entirely wrong. William told of how the guild had split between the members on the side of good science and members who are more for the darker and forbidden side of science. It was these “bad” alchemists that turned the druids against the town and vice versa. Then they torched the guild to cover their tracks, but not before taking all they could to further their own dark goals. The remaining “good” alchemists scattered to the wind, except for William Clay, Alchemist First Class. Stonekeep is his town and he wants to set things right. Plus he needs a home and a job.
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The party placed him in as much protected custody as they could, the Red Pony tavern and inn. They are in very good standing with the owner and he is always willing to do them a favor.

Now the group continued on to the estate and zoo party just knowing it was all going to end badly.

The part had already started when the group arrived.  There were  many ladies and gentlemen in all manner of fancy dress. Lord Faruth’s personal guard, the Amethyst Rose, was patrolling the party and the estate grounds. Many exotic animals were on display( outside of their cages and paddocks) for the party goers to gaze upon. A small string band played soft melodic music. Servants walked the crowd serving fine pastries and various wines. Nobles networked with each other. It was a very swanky affair.
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The band of adventurers left their gear and weapons with the coat check girls and entered the party. They made their way around and rubbed elbows with a few people. The took notice of a Priestess of Mili and a Priest of Mystra doing some ceremonial blessing for the evening. There was a few mages discussing various animal habitats and traits. Many of the party attendees had heard of the adventurers exploits and stared at them in awe.

Then the screaming started.

End PART 1

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