Friday, June 3, 2016

Witcher 3 complete. Now what?

I finally sat down and forced myself to finish the Wither 3: The Wild Hunt.

Well that is a bit misleading. I forced myself to run the main story arc and win the game. I had to stop all the exploring, monster hunting, whoring and treasure hunting.

Holy crap snacks am I impressed with this game.  

A giant fantasy sandbox and a world that really looked and felt alive.
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Street warrior warriors fantasy wallpaper background
Civilization. Ancient and evil.

A story that is confusing to a point, since I never played a Witcher game before now.

A beautifully rendered world. The first game where the surroundings are incredible. It is the prettiest game I have played since Skyrim.

The combat is easy, brutal and fun! Soooooo many delightful and comical dismemberments of bandits and monsters.

A leveling system that allows for some variety in combat style and effectiveness.

A story that made a lot more sense the longer I played.

Amazing look to the creatures in this world. They were not the typical orcs, goblins and other fantasy tropes.

I guess if one of my eyes was a wasp nest I'd be angry too!

All the crafting and collecting that a person could want.

A collectible card game that I only played the one time the game made me. Thank the gods for that not being a thing I had to do more than once.

A lot of main missions that were just fantastic to play! The Battle of Kaer Morhen being just the best!

Monster contracts! I could have just done those constantly!

The countryside in this game is lousy with wolves and wild dogs.

An amazing game with a wealth of stuff to do and find. However, after near 100 hours, it was time to finish it. Plus I was out of monster and treasure hunts to do. In the end I constantly insulted the Emperor, angered Yennifer to no end and settled down with the fiery sorceress Triss Merrigold.

Can’t say enough positive stuff about this game! A huge time sink, but totally worth every minute of it!

Now to hit Doom.


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