Thursday, June 2, 2016

D&D last week wrap-up

After a previously successful outing our intrepid band of warriors embarked on another adventure!

Deciding to leave their transmuting mage behind, Reginald the ½ orc barbarian and Ren the human monk took on the task of hunting down and stopping the villainous Battle Baron, his two lieutenants and his band of raiding goons, the Battle Brothers.

Yeah this was the Battle Baron!
I had the guys going after Warduke because he looks so damn awesome!

After finding a great lead from the local watering hole, The Red Pony (where every day is a continuous soiree ), they discovered four gang members still sleeping off the previous night’s drinking.

Now is where it went a bit sideways. Instead of a quick confrontation the guys decided to become horse thieves and steal the three horses and one pony that the four goons were using for transport.  Somehow the local townsfolk paid them no mind as they lead the horses and pony away for a quick sale. They then waited for the drunks to awaken. Which lead to words in the street and eventually steel being drawn. Sadly three members of the group fell and a third was “convinced” to lead them to their in town hideout. Here the fellas quickly dispatched four more goons and let their “convinced” gang member to quit his current job and look for employment elsewhere.

Now Ren and Reginald were on the hunt for the Baron, had some disguises to blend in with the gang, and had a targeted location where the next raid was to happen. Ren was confident they would succeed as the guys they had faced so far were as he put it so eloquently, “A bunch of pussies.”

Days later they came upon a small crossroads inn that was being ransacked. They road up in disguise and after a few words dropped the acted and laid into Borthon Firebeard and his entourage of goons. After a brisk and exciting melee, two gangers had escaped on horseback, but Borthon’s head and the rest of the goons had been dispatched.

Swap the rifle for two flintlock pistols....

A quick recon of the area only created questions for the fellas. It seems the inn and stable had been previously attacked. Mud and blood had caked the wall and floors of the inn. The few horses in the stable had been disemboweled. Strange sigils were smeared on the doors and walls of the buildings. Muddy human footprints led off into the woods. Having no idea what this all meant the two headed off to the lair of the Battle Baron to collect the bounty on his head.

Written in blood......

After another successful infiltration (and some quick talking to some guards) Ren and Reginald stumbled into the throne room of the Battle Baron. Reginald few into a berserk rage and charged the helmed warlord. Ren made quick work of the nearby goons. A few rounds of combat later and the Battle Baron was dispatched. Reginald claimed his head and Ren staunched the flow of blood from his multiple wounds. A quick grab of treasure and goods and the guys ran out through a secret door to safety.

Arriving back in Stonekeep they collected their reward and gained a bit more notoriety in the town. They even cashed in on more horse that they had taken from the Battle Brothers. I’m not sure whether they will continue as adventures or change to a more financially lucrative job as horse thieves?

Deep within the cave lair though they had found a door. It was magically sealed and neither of the guys could figure out how to open it. Within was thought to be the lab of Kweleck a mage they were also hunting. Having no healing and little time to spare before reinforcements arrived, they bailed leaving him trapped within his own lab. Little did they know that their attempt at opening the magical door has sealed in from the outside! It may be some time before Kweleck realizes this and looks to what happened and why.

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