Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekly schlock and Hayek

I forgot that I had written this. Oops. A few months back I watched Everly, a delightful little action film.

Let us discuss.

Everly (played by a still hot Selma Hayek) is the name of a prostitute that is working for a yakuza boss named Taiko. One night she has just had it and decides to murderize the crap out of the mobsters in her apartment that have, I guess, been giving her the “business.” This beings a series of battles between Everly and multiple waves of goons trying to kill her. There is also the bit about her working with the authorities to bring down the mob, you know that old chestnut. At the same time Everly is also desperately trying to save her daughter ( and her mother sort of) from the wrath of the evil Yakuza boss Taiko. All done during one night and within a single room apartment.

The plot is once again weak. It is a mash of revenge with a mother in crisis set against a bloody shoot ‘em up. There isn’t a lot of substance here, especially with the whole mother in crisis bit. If anything that was the weakest aspect of the film. I get why it was there. There needed to be a motivation for Everly to fight harder and humanize her at the same time.  It all seems rather blah, but I wasn’t watching this movie for the plot. I was watching it for the ridiculous action! We get gun play. Sword play. Explosions and no skimping on blood. You know all the stuff that make movies like this fun!

This sequence happens and it is awesome!

There is no weakness on the blood and battle here. Wave after wave of goon squad is wiped out. They range from low level henchmen functionaries, hookers in the building looking for easy money, crooked cops, two guys that would fail as comic book villains (well they might have worked in the 90’s for some DC Vertigo title), and a group of guys that moonlight at some Kabuki theater. You have all the major gun groups covered to dispatch baddies. There are also plenty of sharpened objects at work as well. All this makes for a lot of great style with little substance with a sprinkling of black comedy. Just what this type of movie needs!

Then these guys show up!

If you love yourself some good old B-movie action then Everly is perfect! It hits all those notes and then some.

As a parting shot this is set during X-mas and that makes it on the list of not X-mas, but awesome X-mas movies!

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