Thursday, June 9, 2016

Weekly schlock and doctors gone awry

Pathology. A movie that was on, so I watch it. I work in the medical field. I like the gooey dead stuff. I like science. I like horror. This movie has all of that stuff.


Well yes and a resounding no as well.

We are introduced to one Dr. Ted Grey. He is the atypical movie doctor good guy. He is a Harvard grad. He is marrying a girl from a world of privilege. He is back from being a doctor for UNICEF or something like that. He is of the nation’s best and brightest. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Well he starts his new life working as a pathologist for some hospital in N.Y.C. there he meets a gang of other pathologists that feel like the goons from Karate Kid and the gang from the Lost Boys merged to form a super douche gang! Of course the goons dislike Dr. Ted and everyone else in their department. Well, that is until Dr. Ted impresses them with a bunch of fancy dead person diagnosing. Dr. Ted is then welcomed to drinks with the goons and their leader Dr. Gallo.

Once added to the gang Dr. Ted soon realizes these guys are nuts. Why? Well they play this game where they commit a murder and the rest of the gang has to try and figure out how the person died. Of course our straight arrow/ moral compass always North Dr. Ted will be appalled and stop these shenanigans.


He dives right into their world with nary an issue. Sure there is a thinly laid bit of blackmail to entice him to play the kill people/diagnose game, but it literally takes him no time to jump right in and get to killing. Then throw in some sexy results and some girl on girl within the group of doctors too. Add a bit more and you have Dr. Ted and red head doctor ( who is with Dr. Gallo) getting is on as well both inside and outside of the morgue. Plus these guys get drunk and hopped up on crack while hanging out playing said game. It also takes the good Dr. Ted no thought and he is hitting the crack rock, killing people and cheating on his fiancée. All without more than three seconds of thought.

Now of course this all escalates with Dr. Ted trying to get out of the kill people game. Dr. Gallo losing his marbles over the whole red head doctor girlfriend and Ted doing the business, and for some other unknown reason to boot. One can guess where this leads as there is no way out, unless somebody/ somebodies all die. It all culminates In a drek finale, with a  tiny attempt at sweet revenge, that you can easily see coming.

Man oh man is this movie stupid!

Seriously how do these people not get caught? I can suspend disbelief, but only to a point. How does one kill person on a heart monitor and not get caught? Never going to happen, along with all the other crap these people do in this movie.

How do the gang of these doctors keep their jobs? They are wildly unprofessional to everyone else. Pretty sure they would be reprimanded for tossing body parts at other staff while on the job. Plus they are just as complete assholes on the job as away from it.
Look I'm eating a sandwich while you do an autopsy.
Am I supposed to like anybody in this film? Every one of these characters is detestable. They are all one dimensional at best and not a good or fun dimension either.

I'm doing a social commentary bit while holding a brain.
Doctor goes from boy scout to crack addict within minutes. Seriously with no thought. Just time to hit the crack pipe and start killing people. He is supposed to be who I am rooting for here?

How crap the acting is beyond terrible as well. It is either completely wooden or over the top scene chewing, and not in a fun way.

Dr. Ted easily jumps into this game, but then wants out because he spent a weekend with his fiancée? That is the reason. Not that killing people is wrong or anything.

This game. What is the point? What do you win if you stump the group? More crack? A free throw into one of or both the semi-bisexual girl doctors? Money? Fame? The chance to finish watching this drek movie? Nothing. You win nothing.

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