Friday, June 10, 2016

In honor of the big Privateer event this weekend

Lock and load is this weekend. It will be the first (sort of) release of all the fun new rules and such for Warmachine and Hordes. I might pay attention a bit now since these will be leaks from the battle boxes and not people who “know.”

In honor of the weekend and a convention I would like to, but will never attend, I decided to get some painting done.

Druid Wilder

I suck at face especially lady faces.
I am not sure what she will be In the new edition. I know she would have helped with fury mitigation, and since I run many beasts, that is good. Plus, late game she could also be a sacrificial pawn or objective grabber.

I went more of fall-ish colors with her (oranges, red, browns). Thought why not have an autumnal color scheme in an army full of forest/nature people.

Went green glowy eyes to show her using her creepy druid powers, whatever they are going to be.

I might try and carry it over to the unit of Blood Witches I have lying around.


I grabbed this guy for the super cheap and finally tacked him together.

I cut his arms down a bit. I always thought they were too long and made him look a bit “huggy.”

Besides that he is rocks and trees tied together. Nothing super original  when it came to painting.

Need to finish the grass on his base.

Wanted to use him for a minor focus battery , a boosted one shot gun, but mostly for a solid damage transfer target, especially when stone shaped. I can’t imagine he will be much different, but I’ll know soon enough.

I might even have some gumption to paint a bit more with the impeding release of MKIII and the news that will be trickling out of Washington state this weekend.

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