Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Quick book report

Yarrick: Imperial Creed- Diving back into the 40K pool again with an early story about the toughest human in the 41st millennium Commissar Sebastian Yarrick. This is a tale of his fledging mission before he became an Armageddon beat-stick. Take a planet, throw in a chaos cult, an inquisitor and the Adeptus Sororitas and you get a standard 40K novel. 

If any bits really stood out it was that we get another Commissar that isn’t trigger happy like they describe and a squad of Sisters of Battle that I really wanted to be reading about instead.

Wrath of Iron- Alright another 40K Space Marine Battle novel, which is a bit redundant to title these books as such.  I mean do we get anything else besides battle from 40K novels? Not really.

Okay then. Iron hands. Man that chapter looks really cool with all their cybernetics and such, nut sadly they are a bunch of mopes. I had a bunch of issues with this story. First it was equal parts lazy and lame. Then there was the fact the Iron Hands are just so blech and unlikable. Not a strong character I the bunch of them. Follow this with the fact when they are attacked by an Emperor’s Children sort of demon prince ,who fought against the Iron Hands/ Ferris Manus during the Hours Heresy, they could care less. Really? Shouldn’t they be a bit perturbed? This guy helped kill their Primarch and ruin their Chapter. You get nothing from them. Like this demon is just another nameless bad guy.

Then there is the bit where we see into the beliefs and goals of Ferrus Manus ( the Primarch of the Iron Hands for those outside the know) and how the Iron Hands have basically gone against every ideal and belief he had and was going to put forth. What?

Screw it. This novel sucks like all the rest of the Space Marine battle novels series, sans Helsreach.

Helsreach rocks! That one is really damn good! Go find and read that one. Stop reading this and go get a copy right now! You can come back and read more of my ramblings in a minute. GO!

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