Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quick 5th and gaming- the new normal?

Since the return from Gen Con our home has been a frenzy of gaming. My lady loves the Shadows of Brimstone and can't seem to get enough of it. Her son has come down with a case of D&D fever. This leaves me in a very strange position. I have two people that are loving gaming at the same time and want to play them multiple times weekly. It is a very advantageous position to be in for sure.

Brimstone nights are simple since the missions are all written. It is just the setup and tear down that requires any time. The games are usually an hour and change now that we are becoming super familiar with the rule set.

The 5th D&D is where it is really at though. I have been running two three games a week for the two of these game starved people. Well game starve for now.

I hadn't run or played D&D in months. Damn I missed it!

Granted these games have all been quick hitters; gators in the sewers, creepy animated forest, warehouse break in, etc. These have all been quick hitters, but I have been told they are fun. That is what it is really all about.

I have to say running 5th is soooo much easier  and faster than 4th. Plus it just feels so much like a stripped down second edition. I love it!

Granted running for a rouge and fighter can be daunting to not throw too much out at a time and it is a delicate balance between enough fighting and stealth to keep both characters engaged and alive. That is the best part of DM-ing. Being able to keep pressure on the party, not killing them and make it entertaining. I have missed this!

Even better is that I haven't had to a ton of depth and world building. I do love creating a world to explore, towns, and locales; but right now I don't have to do that. I have been able to craft a scenario and throw the two of these guys into it and have it still be fulfilling. The world building so far has been a single shop owner and a potential nemesis for the pair. It is really refreshing to just be able to throw out a small scenario and play without a wealth of back story. 

Someday I'll get a bit of a fantasy world built, but that is inevitable after so many games. For now though I'll continue with small missions. It is what the party seems to like and I would be a bad DM if I didn't listen to the party. Right?

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