Friday, August 7, 2015

Gen Con costumes: final pictures from 2015

A minor sampling of the costumes that we saw over two days. There was some awesome stuff and some head scrathcers as well.

By far my favorite of the convention! I hate me some ewoks and this scout trooper had his fill of them as well!

Armored bear and eye patch?

Here comes the steam punk!

The lich king and one his valkyries. Sadly her wings were having a wardrobe malfunction. Ever better was the guy on stilts in a full abomination costume as well. If you saw him it was pretty 
neat-o!Everyone else was hounding him for pics. I missed him. 

Sister of battle and her sword and plasma pistol lit up awesomely! Her pauldrons were really sweet looking as well.

The next casting for Guardians o' Galaxy 2?

Daredevil giving lil Deadpool some fighting advice?

"To the righteous we bring hope. To the tainted we bring fire."

A khajit and behind him the most adorable cyberman ever!

Molten Armor set. Someone has been playing WOW dress up too!

The family of Sith

This guy. It is still familiar, but I cannot put my finger on it. His costume has been vexing me since the show. Who is he?

There were dozens and dozens more, but I would have spent too much time getting pics of cosplay.

I did miss some really great costumes, but didn't want to hold up people or fight the crowd getting photos.

Another year of Gen Con photo history complete. Check tomorrow from my rando closing thoughts on this year.

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