Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gen Con convention floor/misc stuff pics

Well it isn't a trip here without a few trips through the vendor hall and miniature gaming halls.

The "Nerd Herd" amassing outside the vendor hall Saturday. Two years ago we were at the front to race to get to a booth first. Never again!

The annual balloon sculpture. This year an octopus? 

Away we go. More pictures!

Yup a gnome game.
Yup you wear red hats and beards. 
Would I play it?

Next wave of X-Wing. Holy crap snacks!  the Ghost from Rebels? Didn't see that coming!

Star Wars holochess is an official game?
Damn I missed that too?
This requires more investigation too! 

The Wyrd booth. Like the stuffed puppet monster thingy.

Holy crap they have some painted minis! They look so creepy and awesome!


How do these models move and affect the game?
Seriously? They are a unit?  

Sometimes I miss 40K. 
I really do.

Then after this setup, I don't as much as I think.

We meant to come back and see what this was all about. It was a maze arena for D&D monster PVP or something.

Infinity tables. Sooo much terrain and for good reason.

Hmmm...Aliens vs. Predator. A look into this someday maybe?

 A few Bushido models.
No idea, but I like her!

Love the tattoo work on these guys!

Poor pic. You can't see the strings on the puppet he is holding. Really cool detail!

Here come the Soda Pop stuff and
 Relic Knights stuff.





This chibi stuff for Arcane Quest and Super Dungeon explore is just so adorable! I want to squeee and then barf!
Seriously though. This is a whole thing that is not going away or stopping anytime soon. Right?

Mantic games and their new Mars Attacks stuff.

 Wild West Mechanicus...err...I mean Wild West Exodus continues its steampunk wild west stuff.

I do like the Native American faction and it has some counts as potential for warbeasts.

A Orboros griffon? A feralgeist?

A gorax?

A different bear form?

 I have no idea what goes on in the Wrath of Kings game, but I like the look of some of it!

Wrath of Kings full figured women. Don't see that a lot...or at all in miniature games.

The Bewbs! Sooo many bewbs!

Hooray! Undead pirates!

Octopus helmet? It even has a little knife too!

 A giant Rum and Bones diorama- rama. I have this guy's work before here and at Adepticon. GMM studios and he does fantastic work!

 Finally, Games Workshop kiosk. If you  moved too fast or didn't go all the way to the end of a row, you would have missed it. Good looking fantasy Sigmar stuff.....but that was it. A lookiee-loo booth? What a waste for them. Get this new flagship game out there for people to try, not just gawk at in a photo box!

Sweet Khorne leader guy! Almost want him just to paint. Almost.

The not a dreadnought- dreadnought 

There is just too much to see to catalog with pics. These were just the shots of stuff I found entertaining.

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