Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gen Con 2015 closing thoughts

Final thoughts from Gen Con 2015.

Games Workshop had a small kiosk here too. However, it was only to display some of the new Non Warhammer fantasy yet Warhammer fantasy models. That was it. Well it was a presence, but was it really? If Age o’ Sigmar is the future then get more than just a fun display out there to see. Seriously? If that is all you are going to do why bother? Was this better than no presence? Well, where they were situated and what they had to see….well I think yes it was. A shame since they don’t do the Games Day stuff anymore. Right? Or do they? Hell, I don’t know. Still why not get your ass to convention with 50K plus people? You know some of whom might , at the worst , impulse buy your products.

Wyrd, the company that makes the Malifaux miniature game,  has some great ideas, art work and a crazy game world. They also have all their models in display. They have intricate display tables. They peaked my and especially my lady friend’s interest. However, they display all their models assembled and un painted. They have demo tables with unpainted models. When they run a demo it is only a sample turn between two model in melee combat.

What the Hell?

Paint your models! They might look outstanding, but they are bare plastic. You want to really wow the consumer have them painted to show how cool they will look painted.

If you run a demo, then run a demo. Don’t do a half ass job! Go small and get a full game or multiple turns done for people. One melee combat round tells me nothing about the rest of the game.

Sure I spent some money there, but it wasn’t for their game, but then again they don’t care. It was a sale. Whateves.

Hey, there is River Tam!

Wait, there was no Wizards of the Coast presence here? What? Really? With Piazo pulling in the next generation of rpg’ers with their “kids track” you think Wizards o’ Coast would want to try something like that. Get people off the 3rd edition not D&D that is still uber popular and onto the real D&D. Or you know at least be there with a new release or store? What the hell!? They had a nice presence before rolling out 5th edition. What happened?
Oh…they are now doing PAX instead. I get it now. Guess they want that west coast video games and movie licensing. More than the table top crowd that is their bread and butter. Maybe that was a Wizards/Hasbro business decision. Right? Still, not to have THE D&D company on the show floor was pathetic and sad.

Yes, I know people were running D&D events, so at least people could play the game if they were interested.

There was a Ghostbusters board game by Cryptozoic? I think it was that company. We were hoping to get a demo, but we were three groups back in the stand and wait to play “queue.” It looked to be based off the cartoon series, or at least the models and artwork looked like the 80’s cartoon series. I will be watching for word of this to see if it might be worth a purchase.

The RPG Rifts had an anniversary thingy going on too. I had no idea that was still a functional game. I always thought the gang should have given it hat a try back in the olden days. I love me some Rifts black and white artwork!

Hey! Did I just see one of the ladies from that now defunct cosplay show on SyFy?

Missed a chance to try and play Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight. There was just too many people always waiting to try it. I did see Armada being played and was not impressed. Sure big ships and squads of fighters  seem fun, but the gam paly just didn’t appeal to me. I’ll stick with X-Wing’s smaller faster game play.

Well look there is the star of Stand By Me, Wil Wheaton.

Why are the Joker and Harley Quinn so popular to cosplay? There were a ton of them there this year.

If in downtown Indy try Granite City Brewery. The beer is good and the food is descent, but the beer was the bigger winner this visit there.

The Duke, a new take on chess and Nefarious were two others games that got the demo treatment. The Duke looks very interesting with the way the pieces have two types of movement and the strategy involved.

Nefarious is a mad scientist based game that looked like it had potential. However, we were not super excited after playing/watching it being played.  Half the game mechanic is interesting, the other half was not impressive. Was it the group we were with or the girl running the demo? Probably a mix of the two.  A pass on that game sadly since there was a lot of potential at first.

A bigger and more polite crowd on Saturday than on Friday. I lost count of the people just ramming, bumping and pushing around Friday. You know who you are you rammy douche bags! Saturday there was more people and yet it seemed more polite while being more crowded. Friday must just have more ass-hats than Saturday. You know who you all are.

Just a few closing thoughts on the weekend. Now to get rolling dice on new games and to get working on new models as well.

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