Monday, August 10, 2015

One more. For old times sake.

If this is the end of Motley Crue then let it be an end worth remembering!  

July 2014 we went to see the final tour of Motley Crue (review here for refresher)

A couple months ago we heard they were going to be in our area again. Without hesitation we grabbed a couple of tickets to see one last show with our (collectively) favorite hair metal band.

Saturday he hopped In the car and sped up to the Rosemont….I mean the All State Arena.

Once again Alice Cooper opened for them and he is still fantastic to see. Plus the guillotine gag is always a good time!

Once Motley Crue hit the stage it was go time, for one last time! They played almost the exact same set. Which was fine, well except for the horrible Saints o’ L.A. and Motherfucker o’ the Year songs. They could have replaced those two with literally any other songs.  WAIT! Any other song except Bad Boy Boogie. That is unforgivable bad too!

Anyways,  they hit all fan favorites again and that was still just as awesome as the last show! Their stage show was different than the previous with a new layout, more lights and less pyro. Probably because this was an indoor show and had to cut back on the explosions and fire! Well there was still the flamethrower guitar again and that was still just as awesome as the first time. How could it not be! FIRE GUITAR! The dancing girls were also back and seemed to be losing clothing as  the night progressed. Well at least that is what I was told. I didn’t really notice…..

The biggest change between shows was first, the little, “This shit is about to get real.” soliloquy from Nikki Sixx. He basically gave people permission to cut themselves in the name of Motley Crue’s memory I guess? I am still not sure why he did it but whatever. Well probably because…ROCK AND ROLL!! Am I right?  Truthfully, it was kind of… it was really weird.

Then there was the Tommy Lee drum solo. Now if you haven’t seen Tommy Lee do a drum solo then you are missing one hell of a spectacle! As we entered the arena before our eyes was a giant mechanical track apparatus arrayed before us. There was a shared squeee moment as we knew what was going to happen sometime that night. A drum solo that would transverse said apparatus! Toward the bottom end of the show we got that drum solo.
Forget all the stupidity surrounding this guy and just focus on the percussion and you get on hell of a drummer! A Tommy Lee drum solo while suspended over the crowd with various rotations along with the drum beats is a memorable life occurrence! Like him or hate him, he is one of the best drummers out there and he puts on one hell of a solo! If you have the chance see this before it is gone! It is quite the spectacle!

A great show and it was awesome and a bit sad. There was a bit of reflection on our way out of the show. We both compared previous Motley Crue shows we had attended. We compared life stories where their music featured prominently. Someone spilled the beans about their room decor as a teen that was very Motley Crue and hair metal inspired. I still wanted to light stuff on fire as we left, but that was just residual Kickstart My Heart effect. It also causes spontaneous breakouts of awesome, fist bumping, yelling and sometimes minor property damage. It’s a real thing. Look it up!

It was just as awesome a night as it was melancholy. The last show for us of a shared favorite band. We made our memory of Motley Crue Mr. Sixx and without cutting ourselves. Like you mentioned. Still no idea  what was going on there.

If you get the chance to see these guys before they hang it up, then go! Don’t think about it get the tickets and go! 

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