Friday, August 21, 2015

Overseer ready for over seeing

Well look at this! I have finished painting a model.

How can I not love the Iron Lich Overseer? This guy is a Quintesson for Cryx.

“Excuse me! This model only has three faces so it is not true Quintesson. Plus, it is not based in the Transformer universe.” …snort, chortle snort.

Shut up interweb! I know this!

Love the look of this guy and his abilities aren’t terrible either, especially if one is building toward a Witch Coven theme list (Machine Minds).

This was an interesting model to build. By interesting I means that it has a huge amount of suck in it.

Now the body is a solid piece. The three arms all line up and fit well in their little sockets. Then we get to the tail. Then it all falls apart.

The tail is what holds up the giant piece of metal body and connects to the base.  It is also curved at the end as to lay flat in a little coil. Sure it looks good on paper, but in practice it sucks! Especially, when the tail section is bent. Bent how bad? Well bad enough that when put together properly, the iron lich would be floating at a 45 degree angle instead of upright and straight.

Even pinned he is still not able to stand straight. I write it off as this is his "I love to dance!"

How did I fix this? Well I tried to gently straighten the coil tail bit and that of course snapped! After a myriad of swears, I decided to pin, glue, putty and position in such a way that he was able to stand up straight.

After the building fiasco, the painting went really quick. A simple palate of black, copper, green, various silvers, some bone and a few washes. I just need to get him bonejack (Helldiver maybe?) to marshal and he will be ready for action.

I am apprehensive to put another one of these guys together…..but I really need to for a tier list and I do have a shiny new pair of bonejacks waiting in the clam pack.

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