Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gen Con pics-Privateer Press stuff

As these are my new addiction I spent a little more time looking at the Privateer Press booth and watching some of the Iron Arena/Gauntlet games.


Their diorama was insane!
Trolls ambushing Khador!

Thought these guys might suck, until I saw what they do to warjacks. Sadly, they didn't have any gremlin swarms to purchase.

The face on this Kraken is nuts!

Dripping blood is awesome touch!

Iron Kingdom version of Moss man?

"Give him the clamps!"

The ice bases here are sweet!

If this is the great Pumpkin, then forget about waiting for him!

Some rando tables with Warmachine/Hordes games being played

The factory ruin center piece is damn sweet!

Storming the beaches with Skorne. Really like this table too. Simple and effective.

 Final stop to see purple trolls throwing down with a Kaya force I have always thought about. Hmmm... now for more warpwolves and a wilder.

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