Monday, August 3, 2015

Gen Con 2015 the loot!

Gen Con 2015 is over and we returned with more loot than expected. Strange how I went expecting to buy nothing and we come home with all this!

Someone needed the special edition troll kilt lifter for their force. I guess He will count as another champion solo?
I did get a femme fatale brute thrall, so I need a unit of those for here to join someday.

The War Store booth was dumping old stock for nothing! I grabbed a unit of Bone Grinders, two Defilers and a full unit of Bane Thralls for $19! Holy crap! I wasn't even going to buy the thralls, but was goaded into it due to how cheap they were. Best. Deal. Ever!

Someone also needed some "fun"faction dice. They were cheap too, so she got some troll dice and "coaxed" me into a set as well. I nabbed the minion dice over Circle or Cryx because well they have skulls on them. Duh.
Plus a pin for the Black Fleet to show my continued support for the Dragonfather.

Malifaux had their presence there as always. I picked up two boxes of wild boars. Why? Well to use as Farrow minor warbeasts. They should be perfect Razor Boars for Midas.
We have a Pop Vinyl problem as well.
Diablo, Capt. Spaulding, Groot and a Deadite to add to the various collections we have at home and work.

Finally, the big purchase, Shadows of Brimstone. The Flying Frog game company has given us hours of entertainment with Last Night on Earth, their various expansions, Invasion from Space and Touch of Evil. 
Now they have Shadows of Brimstone. A huge co-op dungeon crawl set in the late 1800 old west with monsters, time warps and not wyrd stone. So, of course we bought the base set and a set of additional slug monsters to use.

We did demo before we bought this. Best idea of the weekend!
Went expecting to spend very little money and come home with a lot more than very little. 
Welcome to the Gen Con vendor hall! 

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