Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blood in the Forrest review**

**originally written last year after our Gencon order was received. Forgot to post this back then. Ooops!

We finally broke open the next expansion for the series of Last Night on Earth games. This is Blood in the Forrest and it is an add on to the Timber Peak expansion/stand alone.

Now the Flying Frog people have done a bang up job when it comes to zombie survival horror board games. I have them all and enjoy the hell out of them!

Timber Peak is a bit of a sequel to the Last Night on Earth game and the Growing Hunger, and Survival of the Fittest  add-ons. It added an experience and upgrade element for the survivors and zombie hordes. Other than that it stayed the same game. Now, Blood in the Forrest continues all the same gameplay mechanics and adds more stuff.

More stuff? Like what?

Two new survivors enter the game Agent Carter the F.B.I guy ( or Mulder as I refer to him) and the nun Sister Opehlia (or as she has been affectionately deemed “Sister Christian” thank you Night Ranger!). They have their own little abilities like the rest of the characters. Neither is a threat to boost to the ever popular lumberjack and sheriff.  They are sort of  a big “meh!” for me, but hey I’m a zombie guy.

Speaking of zombies, well they get two new types: the feral dead and the behemoth! The feral dead are hungry and fast! Yes, I know zombies should always be slow and shuffling, but these are really really hungry so they move a bit faster. Right? They also get all worked up and bitey when they do catch a tasty human thus leading to more attacks. Then there is the big nasty behemoth! He moves random distances, has multiple wounds, can ignore damage ½ the time and comes armed with a chainsaw! How awesome is that? For the zombies very is the answer!

There are also a slew of new hero and zombie cards to use. There are even a few new upgrades to add to the previous stacks. Along with the cards there are the typical zombie models that come with every game, the two new hero models and a handful of feral dead  and the giant zombie behemoth. As per usual the sculpts are really good for a board game.

There is also the addition of more board pieces that function as usual. There are also rectangular forest pieces that can be used to make a much larger playing space. You now have the option to make a forest only game with all the new pieces. The game also comes with numerous counters and markers for additional scenarios or homemade games. The extra bits are standard with all these games and are nice for some, but we usually just pass them over. Why? Well we stick to the scenarios.

Speaking of which we get three new scenarios to play. We have ran them all once and they were not easy, well for the humans. They all have various search, grab and go rules. Those are always a bit troublesome as time can run out before the objectives are met. I found them tough and I’m running the zombies. It seems there is little room for error with these three missions and luck will be as much a factor as strategy when it comes to winning them.

I would tell any fan of these series of game to grab this one too. However, you probably have by now. We are big fans and wonder where the developers will go or can now next? With so many zombie games competing out there can this series get better? What the hell, if anything, will be next? 

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