Friday, May 29, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road and 40K?

Mad Max: Fury Road Image #44906

Holy crap! Is Mad Max Fury Road the best non-40K 40K movie ever?
I think yes!

Just hear me out. First imagine that this wasteland is actually the Ash Wastes of Armageddon.

The vehicles they use….well are already 40K orky already. The comprise war buggies, trukks and battle wagons.

Immortan Joe, well he is the ork war boss.

Mad Max: Fury Road Image #47780

Rictus Erectus has the size and stature of an ork nob. Even with a big shoota.

Mad Max Fury Road Movie Screenshot Nathan Jones Rictus Erectus 2

Hell they even have their own mad dok too.

Mad Max: Fury Road Image #47751

Then see every War Boy as an ork boy.

Mad Max: Fury Road Image #47757

The guys from Bullet Farm are Flash Gits.


The weapons and equipment is ramshackle enough to constitute ork standards.
Big shootas, burnas, various choppas and stik bombs; are all in here. 

The tanker  truck is full of precious promethium instead of water.
Max and the gang are humble Imperial servants trying to get their cargo across the wastes and are best by not just orks, but Kult of Speed/ Speed Freak orks! This does fall apart toward a bit since there is the whole bride business and the end isn’t bleak enough for the 40K universe.

Holy crap this is the best non 40K 40K movie ever? Yes? No?

If not, then it is easily the best Gorkamorka movie ever.

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