Friday, May 1, 2015


A while back I rolled over another year on my birthday-o-meter. Hooray! I’m not dead yet!
I finally received my last gift. Thank you pre-orders that don’t ship until a week after release. What the crap is that? It might as well just be an order if you don’t ship it like the prefix says pre-.  I’ll stop the rant before it gets going.

POP vinyl Lo Pan and Jack Burton are now added to my collection of these guys. Now if only they had an Egg Shen……

Lo Pan versus Egg Shen
Unleashed the starter box. A descent amount of stuff and models all in one little box. The material the models are made of is both firm and squishy. Not sure if they will hold paint, but I hope they do. The razor boars can be of use along with the farrow model that is not Targ, but Targ.

The Unleashed book to go along with the set. Holy crap snacks this is more a tome than a book.
Finally a couple of animated throwbacks from Disney. The Sword in the Stone and The Black Cauldron. I have fond memories of the Sword in Stone and barley remember anything from the Black Cauldron except the talking dog monster and the skull faced villain that wasn’t Skeletor. Hopefully they will not disappoint after all the years.

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