Thursday, May 21, 2015

Read again, almost like the first time

Just pushed through the original three Dragonlance novels (Dragons Autumn Twilight, Winter Night and Spring Dawning) or the Chronicles series. I guess that is what it is officially called. This is only my second trip through this series and damn did I forget how much I loved them.

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Alright if you are one of the eight people who is a fantasy nerd and haven’t read these three books yet, then stop. Close this and go read them. You will not be disappointed.


Well first this is a fantastic fantasy adventure. It covers all the bases that you could ever want in a fantasy world of Krynn. This world is full of:  elves, dwarves, monsters, half-lings that are more awesome than typical half-lings, swords and sorcery, combat, exotic locales, great villains and dragons.
Second there are enough characters here that anyone can find at least one to connect and care about. The main party contains ten core members. Then there are a few periphery characters. Then you have the main villains as well. If you cannot find one to like or hate then you have a definite problem.

Third this is a great big awesome story. These three books encompass a  giant tale that covers a lot of ground (both figurative and literal). Everything from life journeys to grand machinations are covered. Even better is that this giant story never gets bogged down. It moves along and fills in the gaps as you go. There is love, loss, deceit, good character growth, mysteries, revenge intrigue and some great betrayal. There is something for everyone here too.

I was a Dragonlance naysayer for many years, until I was given a copy and convinced to read it. I was all about the Drizzt books at the time and was always skeptical of this Dragonlance stuff. There are just so many books I would have no idea where to start. Plus I didn’t know bupkiss about the vast history of this world. It turns out you don’t have to read all the novels. You need to read just these three. After that you know about the world of Krynn and a descent amount of the backstory.


Dragonlance: Chronicles is an amazing trilogy! If there was ever a series to get a Lord o’ Rings cinema treatment it should be these books. If done right it would be amazing. However, in the wrong hands it could be a disaster. Just try and watch the cartoon version of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. It is unwatchable. Maybe that is why there was never a feature film?

Now I’m off to grab copies of the next three books, or the twins series or Dragonlance: Legends as it is called. After that maybe I’ll revisit Lord Soth.

Lord SothFantasy Art, Lord Soth

Read them if you haven’t! Read them again if it has been a while. Either way they will not disappoint.

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