Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Graduation 2015, nature and ghosts

This past weekend we ran out east to see my son graduate from high school. Yeah I’m really really really really really old.

Me and my boy!
Super proud of the boy and his accomplishments. Now he starts college soon. Look out world!

Me and my lady hit some four miles of trail earlier that day.

Not a lot of active nature, except lots of chipmunks, a few squirrels, the occasional deer, and tiny lizard. The  rest is your typical woodland scenery that I draw inspiration and imagination from for games and such.
Duck face rock

"No human would stack rocks like this."

 We stayed in North Bend, West Virginia. Between all the running we found time to hit one trail that we had yet to explore.

The only light warbeasts we saw were a lizard, several chipmunks and a deer. Sadly , my search for an argus to tame.....continues.

  Fun rock formations

 A very small cave, but sadly there was no goblins or crazy old crone  living there. Still looked really cool though.

 An overhang where a group of hobbits could easily hide from a wandering ring wraith

We also investigated a “haunted” train tunnel that has long since been turned into a bike/hike trail.

Me and my special lady friend getting pumped to go into the scary tunnel!
Read the spoooooky story here……Silver Run train ghost 

The ghost of a dead lady is supposed to haunt in and near tunnel  #19.  We gathered our party (me, my lady, my sister, niece and me mum)and did stroll in for a peek near dusk.

 Into the tunnel we go.......

 Tunnel exit and no haunting, or ghost.

Sadly there was no ghost, but some fun graffiti and a frog that may or may not have been possessed by said ghostly spirit.

There was a super cool moment where we heard falling rocks behind us as we left. It freaked out a few members of our little party, but I imagine it was just detritus falling from the ceiling of the old train tunnel.

 Creepy abandoned house where I'm pretty sure rapey hillbillies or a family of chainsaw swinging cannibal live

Creepy shack where they make beef jerky from their victims

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