Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hordes after hiatus

Granted it has been some time since there was time, and damn it I missed this!
We chose 30-ish point forces and went with the Mosh Pit scenario. We should ran this a long time ago just on general principle.
A ring of small pine trees are used to show the mosh pit boundary.
Borka and his pyg keg caddy
Dire troll Mauler
Troll Axer
Troll Impaler
Troll Bouncer
Pyre Troll
Trollkin Champion
Trollkin Skinner
Kaya the wild one
Feral Warpwolf
Argus x2
Shifting Stones
Stone Keeper
Sentry Stones and Manikins
Borka tosses an empty mug to his faithful keg carrier and waves for another. Looking through the snowy forest he can vaguely make out a small ring of scrub pines. He has no idea why Calandra sent him up here to find this spot. Supposedly this was a scared spot for those irritating druids. If he was to take this area then so be it. Hopefully there would be some resistance to liven up this mission.
The sounds  of several braying wolves suddenly fills the forest. Borka grabs and down another full frothy mug and smiles. It looks like it was going to be a good trip after all.

Druids win the roll and choose to go second. Everything deploys.
The skinner, sentry stone and shifting  stones advance deploy.


Troll turn 1
Move up.
Iron Flesh to the Mauler.
Druid turn 1
Movement forward.
Sentry Stone sends two Manikins toward the skinner. Two of them unleash spray attacks that fail to hit.
Troll turn 2
Iron Flesh upkeep on the Mauler.
Trolls run into the center ring.
Borka dumps some fury.
Impaler looks to throw at a nearby rock, but they have stealth with the stone keeper.
The skinner charges the nearest manikin and turns it into a pile of splinters.

Druid turn 2
Sentry stone activates and creates another manikin. The remaining two manikins assault the skinner. After a flurry of attacks the skinner falls and fails  toughness roll.

First blood Druids!

Warpwolf morphs for speed and advances on the impaler. He bites, hits and does no damage. Looking at all the approaching bodies I try to muck them all up. The wolf is forced to double hand throw the implaer. The troll is grabbed and tossed at the nearby pyre troll. The roll to hit misses and the impaler deviates into the bouncer. The one model I was trying not to hit. The implaer is knocked down and takes some damage. The bouncer shrugs off the hit and still stands.

The warpwolf then is forced to use his animus, Braying of Chaos. This pulls a single focus off any enemy within his command range. The warbeasts all lose a focus and Borka has nothing to leech next turn.
The shifting stones and stone keeper advance. The stone keeper uses his magic rock attack and nails the prone impaler. Sadly, there is no blast damage caused to the nearby warbeasts.

The gnarlhorn, argus, wold wyrd and Kaya shift a bit.

That did not go quite as planned.

Troll turn 3  “The mess begins!”
The troll champ charges the wold wyrd and does some damage.

The pyre troll advance and spits fire at the big goat, connects and does some damage.

The axer attacks the warp wolf and shifting stone. The wolf is missed but the shifting stone is wrecked.

The bouncer goes to charge the warp wolf. The gnarlhorn uses counter-charge and slams into the bouncer. The troll is hit and knocked back 2”.

Damn! Those stupid defensive abilities ruined the knockback distance.
The bouncer is still within range to swing at the goat. He forced for another attack that connects for some damage.

The impaler stands back up and does nothing?

Druid turn 3
Sentry stone grabs some free floating troll fury. The mannikins attack the trollkin champion.

After many attacks and some boosts the champion drops and fails his toughness roll.  

The treemen killed someone else!

The warp wolf adds to his strength and begins to pummel the axer, but fails to kill him.
A nearby argus advances and chews a hole through the wounded axer. He falls.

The gnarlhorn advances on the bouncer and crushes him under his horns.
The shifting stones heal the big goat for a few points.

The stone keeper has range and sight to the impaler and puts more damage on him.
The second argus moves forward.

Kaya pops her head out and cracks off a spell at the pyre troll. He takes some damage and has reduced speed and defense for a turn as well.

Troll turn 4 “Oh damn!”
The pyre troll advance on the big wolf and starts punching him.

The Mauler uses his animus and proceeds to utterly tear the gnarlhorn apart!

The impaler moves and has clear line of sight to Kaya.             Oh damn did I leave her open!
The troll boost to hit and damage and does 9 points to her.               That was damn close for me.

Finally, the impaler is forced to regenerate a few points of damage.

Druid turn 4
The little woldwyrd takes aim and start blasting into the melee with the pyre troll and warp wolf. The troll is hit and damaged. A second shot is forced that also does some damage.

The sentry stone moves again and the mannikins have a back arc to the pyre troll! Two charge in and manage to kill the burning troll!  Models of the game?

The warp wolf moves toward Borka and regenerates a single point.   
The crummy rolls for that ability continue.

The argus near the impaler moves forward and both heads clamp down on him. The argus basically uses him as chew toy. That troll is dead.

The shifting stones move forward to block the charge lanes for the mauler. Plus he is carrying 5 fury. He looks to frenzy next turn. Why not block him in too?

The stone keeper pops out and has line of sight to Borka. He casts his rock hammer spell and with boosted damage ticks 8 points off the warlocks health. He also drops the sturdy keg carrier to 1 hit point.    
DAMN! That was so close!

Troll turn 5
The mauler goes all crazy by failing a frenzy check. He obliterates the shifting  stone in front of him and then stands there dumbfounded.

Borka moves.
 Her eyes light up as she looks across the table. Hmmm…..I wonder why? OH CRAP! I FORGOT!

Borka takes aim and chucks a bomb toward Kaya. A boost to hit and damage. Kaya is blasted for 31 points (18 after ARM soak).


Trolls win!
What I learned…………..
Remember that Borka has a ranged attack.
Remember to blow a few fury to throw stealth on your squishy warlock.
Sentry Stones and Mannikins did well for a unit poo-pooed by the community. Sure they are annoying and forgettable, until they aren’t.
Troll Bouncer is an ass when it comes to knockback, slams, and collateral damage.
How do you win Mosh Pit? 14” circle to keep your opponent out of? I was hoping to throw and slam people out, but that was not looking to happen after turn 3. 
After a few months off, we were both rusty. Forgotten rules and abilities , by both of us, really could have changed the game. 

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